Print Less, Worry Less, Conceal More With Our CCW T-Shirt.

Print Less, Worry Less, Conceal More IWB With Our CCW Undershirts

Our undershirt covers your gun and reduces printing substantially. Don't change your wardrobe to conceal carry IWB. (This is not a holster shirt)

If you like to, or want to carry in the waistband and want to print a whole lot less, then this shirt can help.  12, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 oclock options available, left and right handed.  ie - 7:00 oclock would be left handed 5:00 oclock.


My friend can usually always point out when i’m carrying my gun. The other day after 6 hours together I said “you know i’m carrying right?” He was shocked he hadn’t noticed.

Captain Steve

I used to only carry my Springfield Mod 2 in the winter when I was wearing more clothing and the XDS the rest of the time.  Now I carry the Mod 2 all the time and am not constantly worried if somebody can see my gun.

Chris Tomlison

Thank you is all I can say.  I've been looking for a product like this for a long time.  I carry in the office and my gun just disappears.

Ken Boye

I love your shirt.  I bought the mens small and it fits perfectly.  I carry at 5 oclock and my gun prints MUCH less now.  Awesome product.

Jenny L

Try our shirts risk free with our 10 day wear it and carry guarantee.

You will like this shirt, we guarantee it.  Even if you don't typically like wearing undershirts.  We found the lightest performance material we could because we don't like wearing bulky cotton undershirts either! You can wear our shirt and carry your gun for a full 10 days.  If you don't like it simply return it for a full refund, no re-stocking fees.

In some states printing is illegal, even if it's not in your state, it can still lead to a bad day or worse.

Printing is a major concern many people have while conceal carrying. In some states printing is even illegal and can land you in a lot of trouble. Even in states where open carry is legal, that’s not going to stop some anti gunner from calling the police if they see you are carrying a gun. They may even lie and say you brandished your gun or threatened them. When they can accurately tell the police where on your body you’re carrying a firearm, you could be in for a bad day.

Regular Undershirt vs Printless Wear CCW Undershirt. Both Shirts Pulled Tight. Same Gun, Same Belt.

Regular Undershirt Pulled Tight

PrintlessWear CCW Undershirt Pulled Tight

Our CCW Undershirt is not a tight fitting shirt. Shown above pulled tight only to show effectiveness. Does not inhibit draw, lifts up the same as any other shirt.

Regular shirts will still print badly even if pulled lightly. Ours don't. (below)

Lightweight Performance Polo with regular undershirt pulled lightly.

Lightweight Performance Polo with PrintlessWear CCW Undershirt pulled lightly.

Wear thinner and lighter shirts with confidence in your Printless Wear CCW Undershirt


First of all, it's incredibly comfortable and very well made. The fit is excellent, and it drapes nicely over my gun and pants without being at all snug. 

I tested the shirt by wearing it all morning this past Sunday, initially packing my smaller gun IWB rather than my everyday carry which is typically outside the waistband.

The Printless undershirt does what exactly what it promises, it makes printing almost impossible, and the IWB gun remains undetectable.

However, since I prefer to carry a large .40 caliber semi-auto OWB, and I wear my shirts bloused outside my pants, after of few hours of carrying the IWB gun, knowing it was designed with this in mind, I decided to try your Printless shirt as an OWB product anyway.

 I placed my EDC (everyday carry) holster on my pants as usual, bloused the Printless shirt over the much larger holstered gun and put on my outer shirt.  The results were excellent.
Because your undershirt fits without being terribly snug on my body as are some of other products I own - which I believe is an important factor - I simply bloused it over the OWB holstered gun, buttoned my shirt and again, the shape of the gun did not print and could not be seen.

While you may not have designed the Printless Wear undershirt with that in mind, I can tell you that I found that carrying outside the waistband using your product provided excellent non-printing results, as good for me as the IWB.

Of course there are times when what I have to wear eliminates carrying OTB, and the Printless Undershirt is the best option I've seen for those times.

I can honestly endorse the Printless Undershirt for anyone who wishes their IWB concealed status to remain concealed with no worries about inadvertent printing.  For me, I've found that this shirt can also serve my needs no matter how I choose to carry.

Thanks for allowing me to test it.

(One small suggestion: The label sewn in the center of the neckline is stiff and scratchy. If you can, I'd prefer you attach it on the side, or simply print the label on the collar. Other than that change, I like the shirt, and can say that it's a very good product.)

Ron Kauffman - NC Certified Instructor

NEW! Women's Racerback Concealed Carry Undershirt

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The PrintlessWear Difference

Doesn't bunch or snag on gun

You don't want to bring attention to yourself. One of the worst things you can do while carrying a gun is to constantly adjust or tug at your shirt to make sure your not printing. Our shirts don't get caught or snagged on the gun.

Possibly carry a larger gun

We're not saying you're going to be able to conceal a hand cannon under your shirt. You probably still won't be able to. But you likely will be able to step up to the next larger size gun. Many people that are considering small single stacks find they can step up to a double stack subcompact with the added level of concealability our shirts provide.

Built Using A Lightweight And Comfortable Performance Undershirt

Our undershirt feels great.  It is nice and light and keeps you cool.  The only area that is heavier is the part that covers your gun.  It is undetectable when worn underneath another shirt.  And it must be worn that way.  This is not a T-Shirt and can't be worn just by itself.

Eliminates Wind Printing

Even in heavy wind you won't have to worry about your gun printing.. 

Try our shirts risk free for 10 days.

Even wear your gun and carry it outside while wearing our shirt.  If you're not 100% satisfied send it back for a full refund.  No re-stocking fees.

20" Wide Anti Printing Technology

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The layers described above that make up the anti printing material are internal to the protective area. There aren't separate layers that need to be lifted up.

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