Help / FAQ

Can I wear this shirt by itself as a T-Shirt?
No.  This is not a T-Shirt.  It will not work unless worn underneath another shirt.
Are your shirts really heavy to provide this level of concealment?
No.  Our shirts are light and soft and made of high quality performance material.  The only area of the shirt that is heavier is the area that covers your gun and it still is very supple.
What carry positions will your shirt cover?
You will have the option of selecting where you carry your gun when you checkout.  Based on the position you choose, the shirt will provide coverage 10" inches in both directions for a total of 20" wide coverage.
We offer carry positions to cover all parts of your waistband, both left and right handed.
Do you offer versions for both left and right hand carry?

Yes, you can choose either left or right hand carry.

Please allow up to 3 days for us to fulfill your order. After that we will ship.

Do you ship internationally?
We currently only ship to the United States.
Do I need an account to place an order?
You do not need an account to place an order.  You can however optionally create an account on checkout for easier order management.
How can I track my order?
After we ship your order you will receive a tracking #.  You can also check your order in your account if you created one on checkout.
What are the product refund conditions?
You can try our shirts for a full 10 days.  That includes wearing and carrying your gun.  If you are not satisfied, you can ship it back to us for a full refund.  We include a return shipping bag with your purchase. After you request a return on our returns page, we will send you an RMA, simply print it out, put it on the return bag and drop it off.
Can I exchange my order instead of returning it?

You cannot perform an exchange in one step.  You must first return your old order and then place a new order.