Best Concealed Carry Holster Inside Waistband

Today we take a look at what we consider the best concealed carry holster for inside the waistband carry.  A good holster needs to do a few things well.  That includes being thin to minimize your carry footprint.  It also must be very strong so it lasts a long time.  It must completely cover the trigger so there is zero percent change of pulling it while it is in the holster.  It should be rigid so you can re-holster without worrying about the holster itself pulling the trigger (of course you must make sure no clothing gets caught while holstering.)  It should allow you to adjust your carry height and angle, everybody is shaped differently and depending on the season you may want to adjust your ride height.

We believe that the successful inside the waistband is a system.  That includes choosing the right gun that's not too big while still giving you adequate capacity and stopping power.  Having a quality gun belt is also very important.  A good gun belt will support the weight of the gun but will also help to reduce the amount you print.  We recommend BigFoot gun belts, they are nice and thick and have a steel core liner.

So what's our pick for the best inside the waistband holster?

Vedder Light Tuck IWB Holster

1 - A good holster must be thin to reduce your carry footprint.

These holsters are made from extremely thin kydex.  The clip is also made of metal which allows it to be much thinner than most other kydex holsters that come with a plastic clip.

2 - Adjustable Ride Height And Cant Angle

The Vedder Light Tuck Holster can be adjusted to raise or lower the ride height.  You may want to raise the ride height to get more purchase on the grip or lower it to conceal more.  You can also adjust the cant angle.

3 - The Claw to really draw the gun in tight to your body.

Yes, it really works and we consider it a must have.  We notice a big difference when we added the claw to our holsters.


4 - Conclusion

Being a Kydex holster you will get the thinnest holster available that is very strong, provides the best trigger protection.

The clip is 1.5" in height and fits most gun belts perfectly with no play for a nice tight retention on the gun and holster.

You cannot go wrong with a Vedder Light Tuck holster if you're looking to carry inside the waistband.   Pick one up today.

5 - To reduce printing even more pick up your concealed carry undershirt from us